Totumo – Mud Volcano

Totumo Mud Volcano Tour

About 1.5 hurs outside of Cartagena you’ll find the strange looking Totumo volcano.  It looks more like a giant anthill but open at the top. Legend has that the volcano once used to spew forth lava and ash until a priest thinking it to be the work of the Devil poured holy water in to banish him and it has been oozing forth mud the consistency of yoghurt ever since!  You’ll find a strange urge to jump in and cover yourself with liquid mud thats supposed to have relaxing and healthy powers.

You’ll find that no matter how hard you try you won’t be able to sink to the bottom of this strange tourist attraction.  If you’re up for it you’ll be able to get a massage from the locals hanging out in the mud for that purpose.  Take some extra cash, cause if anyone offers to help you with anything, such as a photo, a massage or scrubbing you down in the shower, they will expect payment.  Strange as it may seem, many people rate this highly as a must see in Cartagena.   Expect to get dirty so take something to swim in and a towel to dry off afterwards.  Its kinda not possible to get to Totumo easily, so most people do end up doing a tour from Cartagena to there.

How To Get There?

The tour to Totumo  is 35 000 pesos with 2 departures daily, 8.30am and 1.30pm.  It is possible to extend the morning trip to include lunch and a couple of hours at the beach.(organise it with the tour people).  The price includes transport to and from the volcano, entrance and a professional bilingual guide.

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