Playa Blanca & Islas Rosario

Playa Blanca & Islas Rosario

Playa Blanca, Cartagena´s most beautiful beach

Playa Blanca on Isla Baru is the best of Cartagena’s beaches, it is a kilometres long white sand beach with crystal clear waters and well worth a visit, whether it´s for a day trip or for a night or two.

Spread long the shores of Playa Blanca are local cabanas and restaurants catering to the needs of day trippers and those who want to spend the night. Playa Blanca may seem crowded when you arrive but the beach is long enough that you can find a part for yourself, without the hassles of other tourists. Stay over night at Playa Blanca and you’ll enjoy the the evening and the morning with barely a soul in sight. Isla Baru itself is kind of part of the Rosario islands, but it´s man made. The island itself was created when a huge navigation ditch was made and it was cut off from the mainland over 300 years ago by the Spanish. The canal is now used for navigation and is crossed by means of a bridge. The whole of Isla Baru is now opening up to tourism and being more and more visited by both locals and tourists.

Where to stay?

Theres a bunch of basic accommodation places at Playa Blanca, ranging from 7000 for a hammock, 10000 for a tent and 50000 for a room. Our Playa Blanca direct shuttle will drop you off at the pathway to the beach. When you get there turn right and keep walking, you’ll soon notice less day trippers and other tourists .

How to get there?

The Mamallena Playa Blanca Shuttle

The Mamallena Playa Blanca shuttle departs daily at 9am and 1pm from Hostel Mamallena in Calle Media Luna Getsemani, a short walk from the city centre.  Departures From Playa Blanca, Isla Baru are at 11am and 3pm.  Theres no waiting times, and no other pick ups.  Its straight from Mamallena to the beach at Playa Blanca.  Depending on traffic you should be lounging on the beach in about an hour.  You’ll be traveling with AC all the way and you certainly won’t be getting wet nor seasick.  If you’re on a day trip beach time is around 5 hours.  Our price is for a return trip and is available to return from Playa Blanca any day you like.  You can spend the night and return the next day for the one price.  You”ll save travel time and spend a lot more time at the beach.

  • Price per person: 50,ooo pesos, return any day
  • Includes: Transport to Playa Blanca, Isla Baru.  Theres no taxes to pay.
  • Does not include: accommodation or food

Islas Rosarios Slow Boat

The Islas Rosario slow boat is as it says, SLOW.  Due to leave at 8.30am you should be there 30 minutes earleir to go through the line to pay your taxes.  Expect a lot f confusion and long lines.   Hopefully you’ll leave at 8.30am and its off to the island where the aquarium is for a one hour stop.  If you don’t go to the aquarium then you can hang around and wait or go snorkling.  Then its off to Playa Blanca where you’ll arrive at around 1.30pm.  If you’ve paid for lunch then you’ll have two hours to eat nd enjoy the beach.  Departure time from Playa Blnaca is around 3.30pm and you’ll arrive in Cartagena at around 5.30pm, then you’ll have to work back from the docks. From around a 9 hour trip you[ll spend around 6 hours on the boat, but you will be entertained by the Colombian kareoke.  If you get seasick, this may not be for you.

Email to book

  • Price per person: 40,000 pesos(low season price)
  • Includes: All water transport, a passing view of the Rosario Islands
  • Does not include: 15,000 taxes additional paid at the docks optional aquarium entry or snorkel tour

Islas Rosarios Fast Boat

The fast boat leaves at 9am, or when full.  You’ll again have to go through the same lines and crowds as you will for the slow boat and you should arrive at least a half hour early to avoid missing the boat.  Then its off to the aquarium after a short passing tour of a few islands, where you’ll be shown some islands and a house or two.  After an hour at the aquarium, where you can either wait for the boat or go snorkling for an extra 20 000 pesos if you don’t want to see the aquarium, you’ll be taken to Playa Blanca.  You’ll spend around 2 hours at Playa Blanca, including lunch if you’ve paid for it.  Then its back to Cartagena on a roller coaster ride that you’ll love if you’re up for a thrill.  Its a lot of ups and downs and you’ll end up wet and with a sore back.  Total time is around 3 hours and 3 hours on the boat.

Email to book

  • Price per person: 50,000 pesos(low season price)
  • Includes: All water transport, a passing view of the Rosario Islands
  • Does not include: 15,000 taxes additional paid at the docks optional aquarium entry or snorkel tour